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Blog | LawTech – the era of digital transformation?

5th December 2017 | Comments Off on Blog | LawTech – the era of digital transformation?

In 2010 Richard Susskind predicted the End of Law, with technology being a major driver of change. In the US, the success of LegalZoom establishes that the legal sector will undergo a massive transformation in the coming years.
In our last webinar, we spoke to David Bartolone, Head of International Group of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory and Rob Sumroy, IP Partner with Slaughter and May. Both organisations have been in business for over 100 years and both are leaders in their fields. Their perspectives are however very different.
Wolters Kluwer started publishing schoolbooks and is now a leading provider of content to the legal profession. This is a case study about digital transformation, where the winners will be those that have the right content delivered in the right way. Hear how David has helped breed a culture of innovation – using analytics such as Cipher to understand new markets.
Slaughter and May is a major City law firm. Its reputation is built on the excellence of its lawyers. Not the first place you might think of as an AI test bed. Robert Sumroy will share his work across a range of initiatives, and his thoughts on how the legal sector will adapt to new ways of working.
Nigel Swycher, CEO of Aistemos hosted the webinar. With over 25 years of legal experience he is well placed to see both sides of the coin and offers this encouragement: “ No-one should fear AI. Technology has the ability to eliminate routine work better performed by machines. That will leave more time to focus on adding value. It’s win-win”.
Listen to the webinar