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#whatisnext | Hannover Messe

9th April 2019 | Comments Off on #whatisnext | Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe, in Germany, showcased the latest engineering advancements in Industrial Automation engineering, both in smart factories and the energy systems of the future. The Cipher team joined over 220,000 visitors to understand emerging and existing technologies within Industry 4.0, all showcased by 6500 exhibitors.

The key theme was “industrial intelligence” with in-depth coverage of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, integrated automation, integrated energy and the emergence of 5G systems.

The 2019 show, saw the emergence of collaboration between data enterprises and manufacturers to create a seamless transformation of data into knowledge – the next stage of digital delivery.

Schneider Electric and Microsoft have combined to streamline their manufacturing efforts and create the smart factory of the future, where all robots and units are in sync transferring data to the cloud instantaneously. ABB and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have also merged ABB’s expertise in operations technologies and HPE’s hybrid information technology solutions.

The flagship technology of ABB and Siemens was their integrated digital asset enterprise platforms. These systems will extrapolate key data from machines and plants to gain new insights optimising productivity and efficiency. The digital twin manufacturing model is an example of this move to digitisation.

Further collaborations saw humans and robots working in the same space on the same tasks; the emergence of mobile collaborative robots. These robots equipped with many sensors enable new forms of teamwork, where they are not intended to replace personnel but supplement their work. SEW Eurodrive showcased a section of a real automotive factory floor where technicians and robots worked simultaneously together highlighting the advances in drive and automation technology.  

Industrial drives, motors, hydraulics and pneumatic systems are traditional devices of the past, yet they are a cornerstone as automation and demand for resilient mechanical systems increase. Over 1200 exhibitors within this space were present in Hannover all investing time and development into a more streamlined and efficient mechanical system.

Future trends showcase the emergence of 5G as a critical technology that will drive efficiency and productivity in all industrial applications connecting cities to generation sites and factories all seamlessly. Additive manufacturing is the evolution of production that will offer flexibility to suppliers in the supply chain. Artificial Intelligence will monitor and detect all factory and system anomalies that will reduce failures and downtime.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is shaping the future of the factory by making existing large scale manufacturing autonomous and small scale, manual manufacturing and assembly automated. The processing of large volumes of data from new automated systems and analytics will drive performance.

The Cipher Team are proud to support leading innovators who are building the industry of tomorrow.