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Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

IP Portfolio Reporting for Competitive Advantage

Vivid, revealing and informative reporting on everything from day-to-day management of patent assets through to detailed internal corporate data analysis.

Competitive intelligence reports, analysis of sector risk and cost analysis, patent due diligence – Cipher gives you all this at the touch of a button.

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Cipher enables IP to take its rightful place at the heart of business strategy. With Cipher you can overcome the challenges posed by slow, expensive and repetitive reporting, essential to communication but painful to produce.

The challenge is no longer accessing the reporting you need to make wiser business decisions – the competitive intelligence reports, the risk and cost analysis reports, the patent due diligence because Cipher gives you all that at the touch of a button.

Better data. Better communication. Better decisions.

A New, Better Way of Communicating IP

Cipher – quick, easy, accurate, superbly presented reports. Deliver better analysis and more insight to the multi-disciplinary teams with responsibility to foster and manage the innovation lifecycle.

  • Enter a company name and discover the technologies they own
  • See who’s patenting what and where
  • Use AI and machine learning to identify key technology trends
  • Present and share your findings using Cipher’s interactive, adaptable and graphical reports



Reporting You Can Trust

Cipher uses curated and clean datasets. No more checking for status, ownership, reassignment, territories. Hitachi’s patents are filed under more than 1500 different names. Do you want to spend time hunting these down? Let Cipher do the work.

Cipher’s corporate grouping data allows you to be sure that you’re always reporting on the real world position. Cipher already supports some of the biggest names in automotive, engineering, technology, and logistics to report more effectively. Allow us to help you too.

Discover the power of Cipher's corporate reporting.

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“Cipher has helped us assess what’s going on and take advantage of the latest advances in data science applied to patent data.”

Phil David - Head of IP, ARM

“One day to complete IP due diligence on a huge transaction…Cipher saved the day.”

Justin Watts - Partner, Freshfields

Case study

Using Cipher to align corporate and IP strategy

Using Cipher to align corporate and IP strategy

CEOs must now be able to formulate strategies that capitalize on and maximize the value of their company’s intellectual property assets to drive growth, innovation and cooperative relationships with other companies. See how Cipher can be used to help align an organisation’s IP strategy with its overall corporate strategy.

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