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Risk and Litigation

Risk and Litigation

Risk - See it. Study it. Mitigate it.

Risk – inherent in business. Especially the business of IP. Not just the risk of litigation but commercial risk too.

The risks posed by new competitors, by new technologies. The risks of making less than ideal business decisions based on less than ideal business information.

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IP Risk Management is Mainstream

Companies are good at managing risk. But only if the facts are known and the unknowns rationalised. IP risk is not well understood by the main board. They are largely unaware until the rubber hits the road. Is it time that IP risk management to play a more central role in R&D, M&A and mainstream corporate strategy?

We think so. That’s why Cipher incorporates litigation, licensing and Standard Essential Patent (SEP) data. IP business intelligence requires a 360° view.

The more you interrogate, the greater the clarity. A new way of seeing the world of IP and understanding the new entrants, in new territories, with new technologies. Identify the gaps in your armour, before someone else does.

Cipher’s risk reports combine the world’s patent data with:

  • US litigation data
  • Classification of all known Non-Practising Entities (NPEs)
  • SEPs from the main Standard Setting Organisations
  • Publically available IP licensing data
  • Classification of 700+ NPEs
  • Cost data for 50 jurisdictions

AI enables complex, messy data to be aggregated and analysed to deliver enhanced IP risk management.



IP Risk is Everyday …Not for a Rainy Day

IP risk management is not killing the dragon at your door. It is avoiding his lair, building the right defences and alliances. Cipher was designed for companies who want to plan ahead. Thinking of buying a patent? Considering a cross-licence? Calculating the cost of fighting against the value of a settlement? Cipher has task specific dashboards and reports to provide the essential foundational analysis. Instantly. Accurately.

Risk management is like a radar – it’s always on and part of everything you do. Scouting for companies to acquire? Selecting the best joint venture partner? Need to secure external finance or investment? Want to mitigate risk with insurance? Cipher was designed for these business use cases. Incorporating quality data is part of our USP. Knowing what it’s going to be used for is the rest.

Winning fights is better than the alternative. Unless the alternative is no fight at all.

Discover how Cipher can improve your ability to manage risk.

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“As a leading technology company we need instant answers to who’s doing what. Cipher helps us navigate complex patent landscapes.”

Lucy Wojcik - Ocado Group plc

“Cipher is now an integral part of our approach to analysing IP risk. We require tools that deliver accuracy in an efficient manner, allowing us to meet customer demands – Cipher helps us deliver on this.”

Erik Alsegard - CFC Underwriting

Case study

Logistics company mitigates IP risk from rapid territorial expansion

Logistics company mitigates IP risk from rapid territorial expansion

The corporate development team in a high growth logistics company needed to mitigate the
intellectual property risks associated with an international licensing strategy. Read how Cipher helps companies mitigate IP risk.

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