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Cipher can monitor new technologies with the same accuracy as you achieve with your core technologies. With the ability to produce global landscape reports and sophisticated alerting, you can use IP and Patents for key Competitive Intelligence information.

Cipher competitive Intelligence

Listen to a 30-second snippet of our latest podcast – our guest was Ken Seddon, CEO of @TheLOTNET. via @YouTube
If you weren’t able to make our Cipher Certified webinar earlier this week, you can now access the full recording. Build Your Own View of the Technology Landscape and its supporting material are here:
“What @TheLOTNET effectively is, it’s a nonprofit organisation. It’s a community of companies who have agreed to take responsibility for the very problem [they are] causing.” What problem is our guest Ken Seddon referring to? Find out: #businesspodcast
We’re repeating Tuesday’s webinar – Cipher Certified: Build your own view of the Technology Landscape – at the earlier time of 9am BST tomorrow (30 Jun). Take 45 minutes to discover how you could choose your own classifiers on our platform:
Our guest in episode 6 in the current series of the #CipherVision podcast is Ken Seddon, CEO of @TheLOTNET. Take 20 minutes to listen to ‘Managing PAE Patent Risk’ and let us know your thoughts: #patentligitation #businesspodcast
‘Cipher Certified: Build your own view of the Technology Landscape’ is tomorrow’s webinar at 8am PT (4pm BST). Cipher experts will show you how to build your custom taxonomy on our platform. Register for tomorrow or for the repeat on Thursday (9am BST):
If you’re not able to make our webinars next week (see our timeline), you can read all the details about Cipher Certified on our dedicated page. Training from Cipher experts is included: #patentanalysis #patentdata
Just what is Cipher Certified? Watch our short video to find out how you can take control of your classifiers: #patents #DataAnalytics
Our next webinar, Cipher Certified: Build your own view of the Technology Landscape, will show you how to build your custom taxonomy. Register now for either Tue 28 or Thu 30 Jun:
Cipher Certified – where YOU do the classifier building. It’s easy to refine, is transparent, and repeatable. Training from the Cipher experts is provided. Full details on our dedicated page: #patentanalysis #patentdata


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