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Cipher can monitor new technologies with the same accuracy as you achieve with your core technologies. With the ability to produce global landscape reports and sophisticated alerting, you can use IP and Patents for key Competitive Intelligence information.

Cipher competitive Intelligence

Cipher provides an objective and repeatable way to benchmark #patents in your portfolio against your known competitors, threats and new entrants. Find out more on our dedicated Solutions page for #benchmarking:
Who are the major players in automotive #lidar technology? Watch a video of the recent joint Cipher and @GlobalPriorArt webinar, for trends and future product options: #lidar #businesswebinars #automotivetechnology #electricvehicles
Leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms – such as @ProcterGamble and @Unilever – appear on our list of the companies patenting new sustainable #detergents? Who else features? Read our full report: #environmentaltechnology #patentsearch
Hear details from the hosts about the special edition we’re planning for our end of year #CipherVision podcast in this teaser trailer: #businesspodcasts #IP #patents
#Supermajors‘ innovation has been weighted towards technology areas associated with the categories of Materials, Mechanical and Sensors & Optics.” Read our updated Oil & Gas #energytransition report to see how each of them performed: #patentdata
If you weren’t at IP Service World in Munich last week to hear our Cipher Certified presentation, we have a webinar recording from earlier this year. ‘Build Your Own View of the Technology Landscape’ provides an overview:
RT @premier_cercle: Thrilled to have @cipher_ai ‘s CEO Nigel Swycher with us at this 8th annual edition of this Strategic Aerospace Seminar…
Our CEO @swychern talks on ‘Patent Value – A Fresh Perspective’ at the Strategic Aerospace Seminar in Paris tomorrow (1 Dec). Can’t make it but interested in the topic? Links and a video summary from Nigel are on our website: #valuation #patents
How to put a #valuation on a patent? “‘In situ’ #valuation offers the opportunity for the board to quantify the value of #patents and encourages an organisation to articulate and quantify why they are investing in patents.” Our report has more detail:
Which companies are patenting sustainable #detergents? Our report has sections on: Bio-surfactants, Optimal solubility and efficiency of enzymes, Concentrated formulations and renewable materials: #environmentaltechnology #patentsearch


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