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Competitive Intelligence

Understanding the competitive landscape is foundational information that sits at the heart of any strategy. With the ability to produce global landscape reports and sophisticated alerting, you can use intellectual property and patents as reliable data for key competitive information. Understand the share of inventions in a particular technology area and which invention areas are showing the most growth.

Cipher can monitor new technologies and provide insight about corporates and technology trends.

. Cipher competitive Intelligence

Harnessing the latest in machine learning, the Cipher Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) provides a fast and effective way to understand global technology trends. Compare the innovation profile of companies, competitors and technology landscapes.

View all patented technologies by:

  • Single organisation or by group of companies
  • Technology trends either globally or nationally
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How Cipher helps you with Competitive Intelligence


Gather information

Gain access to global patent data which is organised by patent owner.


Convert to intelligence

Use Cipher to automatically map patents to technologies through your technology lens with your own custom taxonomy.


Use in decision making

Make a decision, using the intelligence, to further benchmark, review budget or optimise your portfolio.

Data science and machine learning helps us better manage and shape our portfolio; and operate more efficiently and at scale so that we can execute on our patent strategy.

Mike Lee, Director, Head of Patents, Google

Global Review of Innovation Report

Discover what our global innovation report has uncovered

  • Growth in technology areas
  • The technology sectors that patents are assigned to
  • The top owners of high-growth technological inventions

We estimate that there are close to 25 million protected inventions registered in territories across the world. If we exclude inventions that are registered in China only then the number drops to 7.9 million.

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Global Competitive Intelligence

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