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Automotive Legal & IP 2019 World Summit

10th April 2019 | Comments Off on Automotive Legal & IP 2019 World Summit

This year’s Automotive Legal & Automotive IP World Summit started off with a summary of the automotive industry today. Tobias Schumacher from EY opened the event by presenting the big picture, “7% of the EU’s GDP is automotive”, but at the same time warned the audience that the industry is facing challenges.

Challenges include:

1) Public trust has decreased through the emission scandal

2) The production has shifted from DE/US to Asia

3) Technologies and business model transformation

The keynotes and panel discussions aimed to tackle these challenges. Speakers from OEMs, suppliers and tech companies discussed ways forward by exploring the importance of sustainable mobility concepts and shifting business models by advances in the autonomous space. The themes touched on the development of holistic IP strategies, the importance of Standard Essential Patent (SEP) licensing in emerging technologies, and IP and patent collaborations in the automotive industry.

Dr Stephan Wolke, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property, spoke about “management awareness for IP”. He stressed the critical role of IP teams and their ability to identify gaps in filing activity, benchmarking against competitors and build IP shields to protect the business.

Finally, another significant theme was collaboration. In a changing landscape, it is even more important to find strong partners. Aurelie Roux, Head of IP Law at Faurecia, discussed the importance to identify the right partners and the impact of collaboration as an innovation booster.

Even though the pressure is high, automotive industry leaders are taking the heat while staying excited about the opportunities ahead.