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Competitive Intelligence – how can benchmarking data enhance your patenting strategy?

WEBINAR on Tuesday 25th August 2020

Competitive Intelligence is an umbrella term for understanding the patent landscape to support both strategic and operational decisions. Advances in the automation of accessing the patent data required to benchmark your patent portfolio against constantly changing business and technological priorities makes communicating the value of your portfolio and patent strategy much easier.

Join our webinar on 25 August 2020 at 16:00-17:00 BST (11:00am ET, 8:00am PT) and explore why well-structured analytics are an essential prerequisite to more sophisticated portfolio optimisation and budget management models.

The webinar Competitive Intelligence – how can benchmarking data enhance your patenting strategy? will address:

  • Best practice adopted by organisations to benchmark their patent portfolios
  • Automating global patent landscapes to identify competitors, threats and new entrants
  • Using benchmarking data to inform your patenting strategy
  • Communication of patent benchmarks outside IP teams including CFOs and CTOs
  • How benchmarking supports other solutions such as portfolio optimisation and budget management

Please register for this webinar and we look forward to a lively discussion and debate.

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Your speakers:

Nigel Swycher, CEO, Cipher

Stewart Hogg, CRO, Cipher

Sarah Guichard, Lead Counsel, Transactions, Google

Other speakers to be announced shortly.

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With Cipher you can…

Optimise your portfolio

Ensure you have the right portfolio to meet your strategic patenting objectives.

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Gather competitor intelligence

Understand who’s doing what by automating patent to technology mapping.

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Model cross licensing

Combine patent and revenue data to determine rational licensing outcomes.

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Manage your budget

Justify patent budgets to CFOs and others to communicate the impact of your investment.

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Conduct due diligence

Automate manual reviews for efficient execution of M&A and licensing transactions.

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Tackle patent assertion

Be prepared with evidence to create a fast and effective threat assessment.

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Benchmark your portfolio

Assess your portfolio in comparison to other owners through your technology lens.

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Monetise your portfolio

Identify opportunities to create value through licensing or sale of patent assets.

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