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Achieving healthy living – how is food innovation helping us stay healthy?

WEBINAR on Tuesday 21st April 2020

Consumer trends uncovered by Mintel around Gut Health and Low-to-No Alcohol formed the basis of crucial analysis enabled by Cipher and that helped understand these patent landscapes. Ask yourself, who owns what in this space? Where in the world are innovations popping up? And what does this analysis tell us about these technology trends?

With more time on our hands than ever before, focussing on a healthy life sits at the forefront of many our isolated days. Cipher tells an interesting story around two key technology areas that are helping us all achieve that healthier version of ourselves.

Your speakers are:

Paolo Montone – Senior Consultant
Niall McMahon – Head of Research at Cipher

‘Achieving Healthy Living Webinar’ View Recording


Achieving Healthy Living Webinar

Listen to our webinar on consumer trends, Gut Health and Low-to-No Alcohol

  • Who are the key innovators in gut health that are transforming our diets and delivering much wider health benefits?
  • How can having a beer provide you with any health benefits? Find out who’s innovating in the low-to-no alcohol market.
  • How can you protect your innovation when the leading innovators differ so widely across the market?

Healthy Living Webinar

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