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Risk Mitigation

The primary reason for having a patent portfolio

One of the primary objectives of holding a patent portfolio is to mitigate risk. Patent Risk can manifest itself in many different ways. Being able to understand where risks lie, how to quantify and communicate risk to the C suite and proposing a strategy for mitigating that risk, is key.

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Cipher gave us the ability to understand the technology landscape and was an important foundation layer in creating a strategy for protecting our innovations whilst enabling us to understand how best to deal with others in potential conflict areas.

Lucy Wojcik, Head of IP, Ocado

Have you ever asked these questions?

How can I prepare my organisation for the patent risks ahead?

Many organisations use economic models (such as the Cipher Optimisation Model) to develop a patent strategy that anticipates and mitigate the risk posed by owners of ‘relevant to technologies’ you deploy.

What information best conveys to the CTO and CFO the value delivered by our patent portfolio?

Many companies cannot point to direct licensing revenue. There are, however, established ways to link the cost of your portfolio to the quantum of patent risk mitigated. Executives are alive to the substantial risk of paying away substantial royalties. Explaining the relationship between your patents and the ability to neutralise threats plays well before this audience.

How can I measure the impact of our portfolio if the primary objective is to neutralise threats from third parties?

The majority of companies agree that a well-balanced portfolio reduces the risk of patent litigation. Calculating your organisation’s exposure to patent risk requires an objective and repeatable model, which takes account of the changing patent landscape and relative revenues.

If these are your issues, Cipher can help you.

How can Cipher help with Risk Mitigation…


Identify Areas of Risk

What are the top areas of risk to your business? Use Cipher to understand where you may over or understocked versus your competitors


Develop a Risk Framework

Categorise and rank the different risk areas. Use Cipher’s Portfolio Optimisation and Benchmarking models to quantify


Internal Communication

Use a Risk Framework and Cipher model outcomes to propose risk mitigation solutions to the C-Suite


Risk Mitigation Strategy

Measure the effect of risk mitigation strategies and amend as a new risk arises

Whatever your perspective, no-body wants to be unprepared for litigation. In today’s environment, the risks are so large that you want to be ready. While figuring out whether you have a balanced portfolio is hard, it’s something that more and more companies are taking very seriously.

Erik Oliver, COO, Richardson Oliver Insights

Tackling PAE Risk


One area of patent risk to organisations is that from Patent Assertion Entities (PAE, also referred to as NPEs).  There are several ways to mitigate or reduce the risk of patent litigation.  Becoming a member of organisations that can afford you protection such as LOT Network is one solution.  LOT Network has over 1000 members and affords protection to over 2.7 million patents.

Cipher is a proud member of LOT Network and supports LOT Network in maintaining the master list of all the 2.7 million patents owned by members and captured by the LOT umbrella. Analysis of the LOT Network patent portfolio can be viewed in the 2020 LOT Network Report.

Cipher can help with Risk Mitigation by…

Patent data structured, cleansed and classified

Benchmarking your competitors

With an objective and repeatable way to benchmark patents in your portfolio against your known competitors, threats and new entrants.

Patent data structured, cleansed and classified

Rightsizing your portfolio

We provide you with efficient access to the data you need to calculate and communicate the balance between the cost of your portfolio, measured against your litigation threats.

Portfolio Optimisation
Patent data structured, cleansed and classified

Dealing with patent assertion

With Cipher you can efficiently and effectively assess the relevance of large portfolios and be equipped with an evidence based response to the threat.

Inbound Patent Assertion

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Case Studies

Cipher Report on Portfolio Optimisation

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With Cipher you can also…

Competitive Intelligence

Gather competitor intelligence

Understand who’s doing what by automating patent to technology mapping.

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Cross Licensing

Model cross licensing

Combine patent and revenue data to determine rational licensing outcomes.

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patents budget management

Manage your budget

Justify patent budgets to CFOs and others to communicate the impact of your investment.

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Portfolio Optimisation connecting cogs

Optimise your portfolio

Ensure you have the right portfolio to meet your strategic patenting objectives.

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Tackle inbound patent assertion

Be prepared with evidence to create a fast and effective threat assessment.

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Benchmark your portfolio

Assess your portfolio in comparison to other owners through your own technology lens.

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Monetise your portfolio

Identify opportunities to create value through licensing or sale of patent assets.

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Technology Trends icon

Predict technology trends

Track new technologies of today and discover the unknown owners of future disruptive innovation.

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Conduct Due Diligence

Automate manual reviews for efficient execution of M&A licensing transactions.



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