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Cipher Vision

Unleashing the strategic value of patents

Welcome to the Cipher Vision podcast.  This is a channel that has been created to promote the discussion on unleashing the strategic value of patents and Intellectual Property. 

This podcast series aims to create thought provoking conversation with the industry leaders and qualified professionals to inform you around topics such as:

  • storytelling with data
  • how disruptive technologies are redefining the competitive landscape
  • how machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the IP world. 

Tune into the podcast series and follow us now, so you never miss an episode. Continue the conversation on our social channels using #CipherVision.

Season One Episodes

Unleashing the strategic value of patents

Season Two Episodes

Communicating the impact of innovation

Cipher Vision Podcast Episodes

Managing PAE Patent Risk

Episode 6 in Season 2 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network. Ken discussed the threat that PAE companies pose to innovation, as well as the role that operating companies have in taking positive, collaborative steps to ensure a sound patent strategy.
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Bursting the IP Bubble

Episode 5 in Season 2 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Joff Wild, Editor at Large, IAM and World Trademark Review. Joff shares how IP and patents are becoming more mainstream, and influencing policy strategies.
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Market intelligence, Technology and Trust

Episode 4 in Season 2 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Peter Haigh, Chair of Mintel. Peter describes patents as a “treasure trove”, providing invaluable market data to consumer product manufacturers.
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Machine Learning for Patents

Episode 3 in Season 2 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Tony Trippe, founder of Tony explains how patents are an “amazing source of information” and why machine learning will help businesses make decisions far more quickly.
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Semiconductors and IP Intelligence

Episode 2, Season 2 of Cipher Vision Podcast series features Jason Abt, Chief Technology Officer at TechInsights who explores using patents as an informative resource to determine macro trends within the semiconductor industry.
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Building an IP Capability

Episode 1, Season 2 of Cipher Vision Podcast series features Chief IP Counsel at Ocado who speaks of her journey in building a strong IP capability where clear communication sits at its core.
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Nigel Swycher podcast host Cipher Vision

Podcast Host

Nigel Swycher is the CEO and co-founder of Cipher. He has now embarked on a new journey to be the host for the podcast series Cipher Vision. His background is as an IP lawyer, having been a partner at Slaughter and May, London for 20 years. Throughout his career he has focused on the creation, defence and exploitation of IP assets, and helping companies, their advisers and investors understand the importance of intangible assets. He is a director of ORoPO (the Open Register of Patent Ownership) and is a recognised as an expert by the IAM Strategy 300.

Francesca-Levoir podcast host cipher vision

Podcast Co-Host

Francesca Levoir is the head of marketing at Cipher and also the co-host of Cipher Vision podcast. She has a wealth of experience and brings 20+ years of global expertise. In her tenure she has built teams in Asia and Europe; focusing on building brands in new markets, product launches, acquisitions and developing new business leads for sales. She started her Marketing career at Procter & Gamble.

Why Cipher

Trained by humans, built by machine to give you independently verified accuracy

“Cipher’s classifiers enable you to understand the patent landscape or analyze a portfolio. Combining expertise in both IP and data science, Cipher provides you with solutions to the strategic problems patent owners face, with quick and accurate results.” Erik Oliver, Richardson Oliver Insights

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LOT Network offers Cipher access to members 

LOT Network announces access to Cipher and the Universal Technology Taxonomy for all LOT patent owning members.
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TechInsights partners with Cipher to harness machine learning

The partnership will see ML used to leverage patent intelligence to reveal insight about the future direction of the semiconductor industry.
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Europe and Asia edging ahead for green hydrogen technology supremacy

The green hydrogen sector will see rapid technological innovation as the sector continues to scale and evolve. This is the lead finding of a joint report by Cipher and Fitch Solutions.
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BlackBerry Patent Sale Announced

Using the Cipher Universal Technology Taxonomy we have identified the top areas of technology innovation protected by the BlackBerry portfolio.
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IAM Strategy 300 2022

Nigel Swycher, CEO of Cipher and Steve Harris, CTO, are both named in the IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders list for 2022.
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Universal Technology Taxonomy – Insight

Introducing the world’s first Universal Technology Taxonomy. This article sheds light on why Cipher launched the world’s first universal technology to classify patents and example analysis using UTT.
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