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Automation meets Automation | Industry 4.0

13th June 2019 | Comments Off on Automation meets Automation | Industry 4.0

After the success of our Automotive module, currently used by leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers such as BorgWarner, Aptiv and Mahle, and our recent collaboration with Mintel within FMCG, Cipher is now very excited to launch a module for Industrial Automation.

Industrial automation is not alone as it experiences fast and disruptive changes due to digitalisation, connectivity and increasing influx of new market entrants. The advent of “Industry 4.0” has seen technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality come to the forefront of product and M&A roadmaps for the large players.

In addition to managing their existing patent portfolios, budgets and ongoing operations, IP teams must now also monitor and strategically navigate new technology domains, value chains and companies. Already stretched teams are under immense and increasing pressure.

A solution is required to help these teams understand new technology breakdowns at speed and with accuracy. Cipher is built precisely for this purpose, and the Industrial Automation module is specially developed to support IP teams in the changing and disrupted space of industrial automation. The module features 60+ technologies, including core and new disruptive technologies, available at your fingertips out of the box, to help you understand how any organisation breaks down, how organisations compare or how different technologies compare amongst themselves.

Today teams are suffering from what we refer to as ‘patent fog’. These new complex domains are simply too large, and the only coping strategy is either to give up and do nothing or to use a slow and expensive outsourced resource to provide only basic and limited information. It is impossible for IP teams and leadership to be strategic and proactive in these disruptive times.

The solution is to have insights and information that is at your fingertips, allowing you to stay informed and always know which the most critical question to ask is, without using manual resources. Combine this with an online, accessible analysis tool to understand patenting strategies, patenting spend, litigation trends, identify start-ups and evaluate collaborators.

This is what we refer to as Strategic Patent Intelligence – this is Cipher.

The chart below was generated using our latest Industrial Automation module, to exemplify how easy Cipher makes it to uncover and break down Robotics innovation. Control systems and navigation are main areas of patenting and Fanuc are investing and currently dominating within machine learning and AI for robotics.

Cipher puts the IP and innovation teams back in the driving seat, clears the “patent fog” and enables strategic decision making and resource utilisation. For more information or to book a demo, please email