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High consumer demand for Infant Formula accelerating patent activity

Investment in new infant formula technologies in particular formulations targeting brain & nervous system development…

The world’s leading IP strategists

Nigel Swcher, CEO of Cipher is named as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists by IAM 300.

How Many Patents Are Enough?

Are you looking to optimise your patent portfolio but aren’t sure where to start?

Automation meets automation

Cipher launches its new Industrial Automation module

IP, the next cyber

The CFC 2019 Summit in Chicago focuses on how the nature of risk has changed

Cipher Automotive Patent Trends 2019

Cipher publishes an annual review of automotive patent trends across over 200 OEMs and suppliers

Cipher patent intelligence demonstrates significant shift in automotive technology strategies

A press release from Cipher after publishing 2019 Cipher Automotive Patent trends

What is stalling the growth of the patent insurance market?

Rating IP insurance premiums requires an objective and reliable view of who own’s what patent assets and a good understanding of the litigation landscape

Industrial Automation – More Patent Intelligence

At times of epic disruption from technology, all sectors face the same systemic threat.

Patent Intelligence – Industrial Automation

The top 50 industrial automation companies own more than 350,000 active patent families…

What is the future of Powertrain?

Read about the event and how the Cipher Automotive module was showcased

Having problems scouting start-ups? New Lidar report

The automotive industry is being disrupted at an unprecedented rate, and no single OEM or Tier1 supplier can innovate, even less lead, in all areas


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